Dining Services Sustainability Initiative

Food Service is an agricultural business. It involves people, soil
and plants, and it requires a sustainable approach that is now the
backbone of Dining Services initiatives. We have become an important
social medium to carry the “social interaction” and the “learning
outside of the classroom” platform forward. We are now mixing the
reliable service and good quality food program you have come to
expect with solid sustainable actions in support of W&L’s commitment
towards institutional social responsibility.

In the spirit, we are introducing a line of to-go greenware
containers that are 100% renewable and compostable that delivers
positive economic, social and environmental advantages. These
benefits lead to reduced fossil fuel usage and decreased landfill
contamination. At specific composting conditions, our to-go
containers will now be gone in approximately 50 days.

Choosing how best to dispose of to-go containers is important, but it
is only one aspect of the total environmental footprint. In the end,
we believe changing how these products are made – rather than relying
on consumer behavior – let us be more proactive and has the greatest
environmental impact.

Beginning this fall, Washington and Lee University Dining Services
will be featuring a completely sustainable line of to-go products
that replaces its petroleum-based counterparts. This is only one of
our list of commitments towards a more sustainable business approach.

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